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[Progression/Score Raiding] All Luck, No Skill (Current Focus vCR+3/GH)


All luck no skill is a new score/progression raiding guild built primary from a group of experienced raiders and friends. The goal is simple to have smooth raids and a good laugh at the same time. We expect a high standard of performance from all roles producing top end dps and debuffs/buffs. Having a good time is not an excuse for game play performance to drop.

We have decided to take in both experienced end game raiders and those newer to the end game raiding environment. However we are not a teaching guild. Everyone is expected to know the mechanics. Strategies that are new to you will be explained but simple boss mechanics will not.

Our raid days are Monday, Tuesday, Friday

Currently all roles are open for recruitment:

Main tank: Open
Off tank:Open
(one tank position open, MT or OT role depending on exp)

Magicka: Open
Stamina: Open to Backups

Sorc, Warden, templar: Open to Backups

If you think you will be a good fit for our group or would like to be considered as a fill role please send in a application on our website
Please note! dps applications without CMX screenshot's will be automatically declined

If you have any questions feel free to comment below or contact me ingame @Dextail or on discord Dex#4547 we look forward to hearing from you
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  • Praeficere
    Follow this man to victory
    Though the shadow has moved not,
    A thousand miles I’ve passed –
    Ageless as the mountains but forgetting not the past.

    Are you Resolute?
    PC EU Progression Guild
  • Dextail
    Still looking for 1 tank and 2 more magblade’s and of course sub/fills are always welcome
  • Rhoswyn
    Sent in an app a couple days ago...
  • Dextail
    Rhoswyn wrote: »
    Sent in an app a couple days ago...

    Hey Rhoswyn,

    It takes alittle bit of time for us to process applications. I’ll contact you on discord later today.

  • Nightingale707
    had some great first runs, still looking for individuall players - see original post
  • Dextail
    Would like to congratulate everyone in the core for clearing vCR+3 on our second raid (our first day of vCR+3)

    I would also like to thank our applicants for the quick progression and special congratulations to the 6 people in the group which cleared +3 for the first time obtaining their new ugly skin

    (Screenshot provided by nightingale)
    Edited by Dextail on February 19, 2019 7:35AM
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