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New Player wants to Twink

Hello everyone,

i'm playing ESO for 2 oder 3 weeks, getting to Level 50 and CP 80 with my "Main" Templar (Mag Healer).

I would like to try a Stamina Nightblade, with Dual Wield, Bow, all those mechanical things my Templar (Destro, Resto, S&B in PvP) doesn't - so i can get the "whole" expierence on 2 Chars :-)

But now i got a few questions i can't anwser my self:
a) Is it possible to level only through pvp content (Cyrodil, Battlegrounds)
b) do i need to repeat the "mainquests" of story, guilds, ...
c) is a stamblade (its so called i guess?) without being a vampire possible to have chances / is it a must have?

thanks alot,
  • Tasear
    A) Sure Definitely can do it

    B) for skill lines you have to start intro or do it all like in Psijic.

    C) certainly
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  • LordTareq
    yes you can, no you don't need to unless you actually want to use skills/passives from these guilds, vampire is a bonus but not mandatory to have an effective character.
  • Ajax_22
    Yes, you can. However, the leveling is pretty slow, but can be sped up by doing daily bgs.

    You don't have to do any guild quests. I would advise doing the main quest for easy skill points, and the Psijic quests if you want the skill line. For every other guild you just need to talk to the person in your faction main city to unlock the skill line.

    Nightblade can be played perfectly fine without vamp. It's recommended for Templars, and Dragonknights, because Most Form gives them the mobility they lack.
  • VaranisArano
    You'll need to be at least level 10 in order to queue for Cyrodiil and Battlegrounds, but otherwise, you can level up in Cyrodiil or through doing Battlegrounds.
  • Nestor
    Community Ambassador
    I would focus on getting you CP80 to CP160 first. That way your alt is CP160 when you hit L50. In fact, you may want to hit CP300 for best results in PvP.

    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

    PakKat "Everything was going well, until I died"

  • xAk_MoRRoWiNdx
    A) Why of course, you can level solely in PvP if you want. It's a pretty good way actually, or it used to be.
    B ) On every character you make, you have to do the questlines all over again. Main quest, Fighters/Mages, etc.
    C) Stamblade will always be good, whether PvP or PvE. Yes a Stamblade will be good without Vampirism. You have benefits to not being one but there's also some big downsides to not being one. Read below for an explaination.

    Vampire provides many good things :
    1. 10% increased Stamina and Magicka recovery from the Supernatural Recovery passive (This is always good)
    2. Reduced damage taken by up to 33% based on your missing Health by the Undeath passive (This is GREAT for a NB, who are super squishy)
    3. Ignore the Movement Speed penalty while in Crouch as well as when cloaked and decrease the time it takes to Crouch by 50% during the night. (THIS IS AMAZING on a Nightblade! You move in stealth like you would normally be walking. It's super fun on a Magblade to have Rapids on, spam cloak and have this passive. Zoom Zoom! Lol)
    However, it has a couple downsides
    1. Increased fire damage. Normally meh, okay whatever. NO, BASICALLY EVERYTHING IN THIS GAME DOES F*****G FIRE DAMAGE. And it's a favorite among players because it does damage over time, does more damage and boosts other attacks - among other things.
    2. Your health recovery take a dump. 75% reduced health recovery I believe. I think you have reduced healing? I'm not certain about that. If you get something like Defile on you, good luck :(
    3. This is purely personal preference, but some people don't like how Vampirism makes your character ugly. I made a beautiful Stamden but Vampirism messed her face up a bit. Eventually I cured it.

    Hopefully you found this useful!
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    New to forums and stuff so I 99.9 percent probably won't see your response and such, so use the at symbol at me I guess? IDK :/. This BBCode stuff is really cool!! :D.
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  • El_Borracho
    If you’re focusing on PVP, my limited experience in PVP is that vampirism would be a horrible call. As @xAk_MoRRoWiNdx said, fire is EVERWHERE in Cyrodiil. From magblade gankers to siege weapons to pots of oil.

    Stamblade is currently at the top of the DPS food chain, both in PVE and PVP. I love stamina play style. Level up the skills needed and when you get to CP160 you will be able to farm the gear that makes stamblade a beast.
  • validifyedneb18_ESO
    Used to twink on NA sub 50 cyro, great fun, great community of people that do it there too.

    Craft sets like Hundings every 10 levels or so up to purple quality, keep sets in bank so they can be reused. Heck the groups I ran with even had sets specifically for when you ding level 50 AND get Emperor at the same time. So they could have cp160 gear that took advantage of all the Emperor perks to the max for the rest of the day.

    Then you roll a new character and start again.

    If you want to do cyro, keep a few characters at level 1-10 and log on each every day to buy mount upgrades, so when you need a new character you're not going to be slow as ***.
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