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A Comprehensive Summary - Builds and their Counters

Hello together,

I was thinking about making this thread for quite some time now.

There are a lot of threads that go about "nerf this, nerf that" which are not really helpful for either players or the developers. Instead of just calling for nerfs I want to create a thread as a place you usually visit first and look for some advice before trying to call for nerfs or changes.

What's the purpose of this thread?

Create a list of (PvP) builds / playstyles and offer insights and ideas on how to counter them.

How will this thread look like when you contribute to it?

I will create a list you can quickly go through where all of the different playstyles and their counters are listed. So that it's easy for everyone to go through and look for the build and the respective counter measurements.


Class: Any
Build category: Stamina, Melee
Build: Bleeds
Counter: XYZ

It's very important that you, the players, offer as much information as possible to make this thread as comprehensive and useful as it should be. Please contribute to it by listing builds and giving insights on your counter measures to face those builds and survive / win the fight.

Thank you all!
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