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[PC NA] Recruiting for late night PST vDLC Trial Progression

Soul Shriven
Hey all! We're looking for a few kindred spirits to join in on vDLC trials at Pacific Time Thursday nights. Too late for east coast and too early for Aussies :( The vMOL progression for late-nighters is at 10:15pm PST on Thursdays. Several members have already completed vMOL and up, so we're hoping to recruit some people, get them up to speed, and work on harder vDLC trials.

The requirements are 32k+ for DPS, and tanks and healers should have sufficient BiS sets. If you don't quite meet this but are interested, join anyway! We are happy to help others improve. Below is the info for the guild -- we regularly invite newbies, but some veteran players have also been hungry for more endgame stuff, hence this progression!

<Arrow to the Ni> (PC NA) is a small social guild geared towards PVE content, with around 60 members active within the past week.

We are newbie-friendly and enjoy introducing newbies to group content (normal/veteran dungeons, normal/veteran trials). Some of us *cough* have too many alts, so we also do random normal dungeons very regularly for levelling.

There are typically 4 open trial events per week:
  • vCraglorn / Weekly Trial - Wednesday 9pm
  • vMoL Progression - Thursday 10:15pm
  • Normal Trial - Saturday 12pm
  • Normal Trial / vCraglorn Trial - Sunday 12pm

All times listed here are in PST, but our officers and members come from all over the world.

Join us on our Discord!
  • HiLyfe808
    Cool GM and friendly people. Join and lets kick some rakkhat ass lol.
  • paarthuurnaxx0207
    Hey there. I am an experienced returning player looking for a vet prog team to join. I main a Magicka sorc and would be happy to provide parses. Additionally I have completed vet trials on my templar healer as well, but prefer the dps class.

    Before I had to take a break, I had completed the following.

    -vHRC (HM)
    -vSO (HM)
    -vAA (HM)
    -obviously all the normal trials

    Will try to reach out in game, hope to hear from you soon!
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