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[PS4 NA] - <Sorcerers> - Recruiting 160+ CP Sorcerers (Stamina or Magicka)


We are creating a theory craft and progression based community that is class based.

There are currently only two other members, I've only been recruiting through live BG play for three reasons:

1.) It's easy to determine competence based on how they score at the end of a game. A really good measure of whether or not they understand the positives of certain skills and negatives of others regarding the class, and how they synergize with the sets available. i.e. Character building and execution of said strategy.

2.) Most players that can perform well in PVP have skills that can be easily translated to PVE with the correct leadership / attitude, a lot of them have interest in getting this done but can't find groups (especially hard for MagSorc DPS in stam meta with serious guilds)

3.) CP's aren't used as the basis for measurement. CP dictates a lot regarding endgame PVE content and endgame Cyrodiil PVP content. But, there are tons of great players that don't max their CP and sit in BG's most of the day, and what we are trying to do is recruit the best Sorcerers according to a baseline measurement of skill, the best way I've found to judge that is playing BG's with people and taking the time to discuss their builds with them, etc.

I view this as a long term side project, in a game where we can have 5 guilds I'd only want to invite players who are interested in being a part of something class based. The end goal of the guild is to be able to schedule all Sorc activities on a calendar month basis. This includes BG's, Trials, PVE Dailies, HM Runs, Skin Runs, Speed Runs, etc.

Types of players we are recruiting:

Age - 18+ Mature Adults, we are a bit older, I'm personally 32, the age limit is important because it stops young kids from causing mayhem in guild chat, the guild is focused around a class, not a faction, and you don't always need to be grouped with guild members so you may fight them in BG's, if you can't be mature you shouldn't be in this guild.

Class - Sorcerer - pretty simple, group with us and see what we are about if you'd rather test us out before giving up one of your guild slots -

Mission - Become a wealth of knowledge for building and playing the Sorcerer class to achieve success in both PVE & PVP in Elder Scrolls Online

- Currently we are usually operating around Central time US. I plan on running guild events during Central US time. As we grow we will undoubtedly begin to promote people to officer positions. These officers would be responsible for planning events, and in the event that they are EUR or AUS time zones, that's when their events will run.

State of the Guild:

We are currently trying to solidify the 10 founding members to open the guild bank. There are 3 of us in the guild which I know are well rounded players who know how to play the Sorcerer class. We need 7 more to open up the guild bank option. The guild bank is an important step as it will allow us to store pieces of gear in the correct traits for stamina and magicka based PVP / PVE for our members that are low CP and perhaps new to the game. The leadership style of the guild is very much "traditional".

I personally have played MMO's for 15+ years and have found the best guilds are those that approach helping new members with a completely giving attitude, expecting nothing in return except that people act appropriately as members of the guild and are an asset to the guild through their participation in guild events and just being an overall skilled player. This is important because I've found that consistently what causes drama as guilds grow and leads to their eventual collapse is two fold:

1.) A lack of understanding from current members that new members are the life blood of a guild. And that our goal as members who reap the rewards of a well organized guild should be to help these players become as skilled and knowledgeable as the other members of the guild.

2.) Lack of a vetting process to ensure that the people recruited into the guild actually mesh well with the mission and goals of the guild.

If you are interested in becoming a founding member of a guild based around the principles discussed above, please leave a note here with your PSN ID, character name, CP Level, and Role of your Sorcerer - (Tank/DPS/Healer)

  • Zeioja
    Soul Shriven
    I am intrigued by the idea. I main a petsorc, but I haven't done much pvp with him. Still I'll leave my details and we can chat.

    Psn: Clan_Wells
    Name: Zeioja
    CP: 812
    Role: PvE Magicka DPS; Pet Focus.
  • MalagenR
    Zeioja wrote: »
    I am intrigued by the idea. I main a petsorc, but I haven't done much pvp with him. Still I'll leave my details and we can chat.

    Psn: Clan_Wells
    Name: Zeioja
    CP: 812
    Role: PvE Magicka DPS; Pet Focus.

    Awesome I'll find you tonight and shoot an invite - we are at I think 7 members now - and you don't really need to PVP, I've been recruiting from BG's mostly because it's effective in regards to a measurement of a person's ability to play the game as it stands.

    I love to PVE! We can run some vet pledges or something.

  • Eejit1331
    Psn: Evo_kazpa
    Name: Fressignaux
    CP: max
    Role: Pvp/bg/pve magicka sorc
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