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EU PS4 - Veteran Fang Lair

Title says it all, looking for savvy players to complete the no death, speed and hard runs of Fang Lair Vet to unlock the personality.

1 tank

I’ve tried for months now and no one is helping so this is kind of my last resort
  • Mariusnpr
    Soul Shriven
    What should be the minimum level requirement?
  • Savantus
    300cp and preferably knowledge of the dungeon, plenty of guides to watch/read
  • Weesacs
    Hi Savantus,

    I'm a healer and also have a tank who needs to do this. What's your psn and ill send u an invite.
    Edited by Weesacs on February 10, 2019 12:19PM
    PS4 - EU - DC - Breton Templar
  • XibalbaTM
    Soul Shriven
    Add me XibalbaTM on psn i have 810cp tank max level op
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