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EHT/3D EE Questions

Happy New Year everyone! I missed my housing community so much! <3 I've finally had a chance to sit and take a look at all the amazing changes and additions added to EHT and EE in the past month. This of course prompted questions. So many questions - especially about EHT and 3D EE integration.

@R_K , is it possible to call, dismiss or move a visual effect using triggers and animations in EHT? (You had to know someone was going to ask eventually. LOL). It would be so amazing if we could have an eerie fog roll in when a visitor enters a certain area. Or maybe a portal opens after an questionable homeowner performs and unsavory ritual? Or perhaps a bunny (you gave us bunnies! HEEEE) hops across the lawn as a guest wanders through your garden. It would be so amazing!

Oh! And a second question, is it possible to add functionality to EHT that allows us to use in-game time of day as a trigger for events? I have a shooting star in my Mournoth Keep house, and as night turned to day and the shooting star just remained lifeless in the sky, I thought, it would be so wonderful if it could just shoot by as night falls? When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are...Cardinal makes your dreams come true. <3 <3 <3

Thanks in advance for your help Cardinal, and for all the amazing possibilities you've provided for the community!

  • mayasunrising
    @R_K please halp? Please? Pleeease? Friend? MMMM?

  • R_K
    @mayasunrising Hi Maya! I haven't seen you in forevs! I hope you are doing well <3

    So, in EHT update 10, I added support for Essential Effects to basically all of the existing Essential Housing Tools features. With that update, you can now:
    • Group move and rotate effects and furniture
    • Group select, save, load and restore effects and furniture
    • Cut, copy, paste and import/export clipboards of effects and furniture
    • Build floors, walls, circles, spheres, pyramids, towers and the host of other build shapes using effects and furniture
    • Create animation scenes using effects and furniture
    • Construct automation triggers using effects and furniture
    So the functionality is actually already there for you to use. :) But, there's a catch with regard to the latter 2 features:
    Scenes and Triggers, while they can animate and automate your effects in many ways, cannot be seen [yet] by guests. This is because Essential Effects are shared as a "snapshot" of your FX at that point in time -- so when a trigger moves an effect or a scene animates a bunch of effects in some way, guests' game clients have no knowledge of that.

    Now, I do plan to even address that detail in the future by adding even more robust sharing features that will share your Trigger and [maybe] your Scene data to other players, just as you can do with 1 or 2 clicks today for your effects; but that is still on the horizon and a ways away from being complete.

    I hope that helps answer your questions! :-)
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