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Lighting Vendors Question

are there any normal vendors that sell lighting items like candles and common lanterns? or are all loghting furnishings from achievements, luxury, and player crafting
  • VaranisArano
    Here's a list of all lightning furnishings. Clicking on different categories will take you to a page which has the source if those furnishings:

    By my brief perusal and recollection, I don't believe any non-achievement merchant sells lighting fixtures like candles and lanterns.
  • kargen27
    Achievement furnishers can be found in each zone and different items are made available as you finish certain tasks in those zones. gives some incentive to do all the quests and other fun stuff.

    You can search for stuff here:
  • Alinhbo_Tyaka
    Here is a list of the furnishing vendors and if you click on them it will show what they sell. At the bottom are links to their map locations.

    Some things like the Common Candle Set plans can be purchased from Chefs and Brewers. I think the Common Lanterns plans only come from drops and legerdemain but don't remember. You can also purchase the common plans for cheap at guild stores. I use the Tamriel Trade Center web page to search for what I'm looking for and to get an idea of prices.
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