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Looking for a PvP guild

Soul Shriven
Looking for a guild that be willing to participate in various PvP events, or anything PvP related. Im a PvP beginner so I might need some guide but PvP has always been the most interesting thing to do in games for me.
  • golgy148
    Hi , if you want pm me on discord, golgy#4742
  • kelics
    Soul Shriven
    Why not post guild info here?
  • Zunkis
    Hii 😄 Hungry Wolves are raiding in vivec and always looking for more friendly players don't matter if u noob or vet 😀
    Whisp or mail me ingame
    @zunkis or just type wanne join wolves guild in zone hat in vivec 😀
  • Beardimus
    kelics wrote: »
    Why not post guild info here?

    There is a guild section to the forum, good place to start.

    Or shout LFG in zone and get a group and chat to folks on good guilds etc
    Edited by Beardimus on March 7, 2019 7:23AM
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    Orcimus - Fat drunk Orc battlefield 1st aider
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    Trading Guilds : TradersOfNirn | TradersOfNirn2
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