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Another trading guild?

Hi! We’re just another trading guild, we have a quota, a trader and well.. we trade.
Why should you join us? You should join us because we’re in fact NOT just another trading guild!


What do we offer? (TL; DR at the bottom)
1. First things first: We have a TRADER in Eldenroot, Grahtwood. That means you can join us now, for free and instantly start selling in one of the best trader locations in the game.
2. We’re GROWING with you. We started small but we want to IMPROVE and WE NEED YOU to help us! We want to COMPETE with the big guilds and already had some nice trading weeks in Eldenroot (Grahtwood) and Wayrest (Stormhaven).
3. We HELP you out with every aspect of ESO. We offer “HOW TO TRADE” talks twice every week BUT it’s not all about trading! We SUPPORT every type of player as long as they follow our basic rules. We have understanding and supportive leaders and experienced helpful members.
4. GUILD HALL& EVENTS. We offer a guild hall with DLC set tables, transmute station, dummies, etc. We also do A LOT of events, social events usually with high REWARDS. At least 2 trials each week (already completed vAA and nCR+3). LOTTERY with 5 winners and 100k+ jackpots every week.
5. DISCORD. We use discord for our guild trials. We also manage some events there and have really good PvE guides (so you can improve your build and increase your DPS), discussion channel, trading section and many experienced members who will help you out.

TL; DR: We offer a lot of trading and social stuff. Join us now, make a few million gold and have fun! We support players way more than the usual trading guild does and we want you to grow with us.

- QUOTA: 20k sales OR 5k donation every week (we do pre-ranks on Friday so you can see your progress)
- No WTB/WTS/WTT in guild chat
- New members have to sell 1 item (worth doesn't matter) in their first 3 days in our guild so we can see that they are active
- Send leader a message if you will be offline for a few weeks and need to pay quota in advance, so we don’t kick you

Just message me (@Banshee1505) in game! I will invite you ASAP 😊
Edited by Banshee1505 on February 8, 2019 11:36AM
  • Banshee1505
    We removed some inactive members so there's some space in our guild again :blush: just message me to join!
  • Banshee1505
    We're still in Eldenroot, about 20 places in our guild left :smile:
  • Banshee1505
    We have some places left again! Message me now :)
    We're organizing more and more stuff, focusing on fun and PvE and still managing to secure our eldenroot trader
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