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Housing Mount Idea

So, I know housing mounts have been discussed for a long time. Really not a big deal, just something usually that would be cool.

But here's my idea: Allow people to only have one ridable mount at a time in your house. The ones on display cannot be mounted, instead, they have to come from a Stablemaster NPC you can place. This Stablemaster can be used to train your mounts on non-max toons for you alone but will allow visitors to summon and ride a mount. This will also allow a new kind of home, mount racing. You will be able to make complex obstacle course homes good for mount races in the bigger homes for guild and social events.

Just some thoughts.
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  • gimpdrb14_ESO
    for me instead of being able to mount in your house instead how about you don't loose stam. unless you are dueling.
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