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Morag Tong motif farming - how to start Vvardenfell daily quests

This short guide will show you how to unlock Ashlander daily quests in Vvardenfell and how can you start farming Ashlander Crafting Motif. Publishing this video because many players dont know how to begin this, they miss important step when they leave city at first wayshrine after exiting temple of Vivec - later they join World Boss groups and dont know why they cant accept shared quests.

Basically what you need to do is finish the very first quest in Vivec storyline (right after finishing tutorial), visit that Ancestral tomb then go to audience with Vivec and when you are done with "Divine Concordum" you need to find Adventurers Board that will give you a very short quest that introduces you to Halls of Jusice daily quests.
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  • xXMichonneXx
    Thank you for this.
    XBoxOne NA
    910 CP
    50 Imperial Stamblade DC
    50 Argonian Templar Healer DC
    50 Altmer Mag Sorc DC
    50 Imperial Stam Templar DC
    50 Dunmer Mag DK DC
    50 Imperial Stam Sorc DC
    50 Nord Stam DK Tank DC
    50 Redguard Stam DK DPS DC
    50 Altmer Mag Templar DPS DC
    50 Imperial Stam Warden DC
  • FrancisCrawford
    Bumping this because it needed now.
  • FrancisCrawford
    OK. I just did it on a new character.
    • I mapped to Seyda Neen.
    • There was a nearby quest arrow, at a crossroads. A group of people were standing around a body.
    • That launched the quest "Divine Conundrum". Like other main-story Vvardenfell quests, it was long-winded.
    • After I got the quest reward from Vivec, I headed to the Archcanon's Office one building over. However, I do NOT think this step was necessary.
    • After talking with him, I saw a quest arrow on a board outside, with the tagline "Adventurers Wanted".
    • That took me through Tamriel's shortest quest ever, ending in the Hall of Justice, in the same building (i.e., one building over from Vivec's palace).
    • Turning that in fired up the two daily repeatable quests in the same suite of offices, one for delves and one for world bosses.
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