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Getting kicked from the NA Server

Soul Shriven
I have gotten booted out of the NA Server at least 4 times so far today and when I try to log back in I get the message saying "An unexpected internal error has occurred. Please contact customer service at" if I wait about 15 minutes I can get back into the game.
  • ZOS_BillE
    If you are experiencing an unexpected internal error, please try the following steps:

    Delete save data on the Xbox One cloud:
    1. Go to Games.
    2. Highlight The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited tile and press the [Menu] button of the controller.
    3. Select Manage Game.
    4. Highlight and select Save Data for the desired user.
    5. Select Delete.
    6. You'll be prompted to confirm deletion of this game save data:
    7. Choose "Delete Everywhere". This will remove your saved data from this console, the cloud, and all other consoles you play on. This will not delete your character, items, or anything else in the game.

    Power cycle the Xbox One:
    1. Go to the Home screen.
    2. Press the [Menu] button on the controller.
    3. Select Settings.
    4. Go to Power & startup.
    5. Select Turn Xbox Off.
    6. Select Yes for a full shutdown of the console.
    7. Remove the power cord from the outlet, and leave it unplugged for two minutes.
    8. Turn the console back on by pressing the [Xbox button] on the console or the [Xbox button] on the controller.
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