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Buried Memories EU Server

Soul Shriven
Hey, I have been having problems defeating K'torra in the Buried Memories quest, and was wondering if anyone else needed to do that quest and would be willing to run it together, I'm a Lvl 16 Warden who does healing and fights with destruction staffs, if someone is interested feel free to message me in game my name is @Ma'Lissie and I would love to use Discord voice chat to coordinate during combat.

Many Thanks!! @Ma'Lissie
  • zvavi
    very hard to answer that without knowing your server (eu/na) but try asking in zone chat for joining a social guild, there are many of those and they are full of great people that are sometimes happy to help (if they are not doing anything themselves).

    Honestly i am happy to see that people are finding overland quests challenging, for me usually things in overland just... poofs away...

    Also it might be a single player zone, but i am not sure (main quest for example is), try getting gear according to your level, keeping your damage over time effects up (wall of elements from destruction staff for example, you put it once and can run around and try to survive for 8 seconds, rinse and repeat).

    hope my answer helped a bit (not sure what warden skills are useful, my only warden is stamina and low level, i need to play her more)
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  • Padfoot426
    Soul Shriven
    Whoops, I thought I had mentioned which server I am on, I'm on the EU server. Other people have mentioned doing Buried Memories with a friend so I know its possible, and that was a good idea with the wall of elements!!

    Thanks for catching my error!! @Ma'Lissie
  • Shmoopy
    If you still need help, I have a templar on the EU server. She's only level 20 though
    Vana Gyllene [DC Magplar Healer/DPS/Master Crafter]
    Moira Drakeld [EP Magplar]
    Mira Solring [AD Magplar]
    Maev Rotheart [DC MagNecro]
    Morrigan Rotheart [EP MagNecro]
    Tender-Heart [DC Magden]
    Living-Song [EP Magden]

    Undyne [DC Stamplar]
    Lynnanya [DC Magsorc]
    Spinal-Cord-Xylophone [DC Stamsorc]
    Sierska [DC Stamden]
    Sirene Drakeld [DC MagDK]
    Kalia al-Rihad [DC Stamcro]
    Miranii [DC Stamblade]
    Varani Velas [DC Magblade]
    Maja Neven [AD MagNecro]

    Solring [DC Magplar Healer]
    Tender-Heart [EP Magplar Healer]
    Mirabii [AD Magblade]
  • Padfoot426
    Soul Shriven
    @Shmoopy that would be wonderful, I'm only level 19, do you want to set up a time through Discord? My Discord name is Padfoot426#3909 feel free to send me a friend request there, or message me in-game @Ma'Lissie
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