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Sherman's Gaming Warden Solo Build (The Adventurer) Clockwork City Update.

So here is my new solo warden build set up for all overland delves dolemans and public dungeon play. This build will work in solo of some normal dungeons and works well in small group play for DPS. So check out the video below for more info on the build and thanks for watching.

  • Ysbriel
    Yo sherman, is this really you? got a question.
    i was using innate axiom/ warmaidens and earthgore for my templar healer and now im switched innate axiom fo sanctuary set, someone at a discord channel asked me “why warmaidens?” i just couldn’t give any other answers than, its working for me on all vet content. Does war maiden boost healing? or is it just me the way i do my heals?
  • Nolic1
    Not sure if it does but it does boost all magic damage by 400 spell damage and it might apply to the heals have not tested it so not sure my Nightblade healer uses that set and will see on them if things change.
  • Ciovala
    War maiden only boosts specifically magic damage skills, so isn’t so great unless you don’t use any Destro staff skills. As for heals, it will only buff the healing component of Resto light and heavy attacks.

    I do wonder if it will be better after Wrathstone since you only need to equip a Destro staff to benefit from it. Still, Destro light and heavy Attacks are not magic damage and you’re also always using WoE.
    Edited by Ciovala on February 3, 2019 9:12AM
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