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Xbox NA looking for group for ruins of mazzatan achievement run (AMBER PLASM SKIN)

Hey all I’m trying to make a run at amber plasm skin and I’m ok with failing a bunch of times and coming up with strategies to
Do it and leaning as a group of 4 practice makes perfect .. I’m about cp710 can fill any role very confidently and dps is around 36k GT is Crabby 666 or message me on here
Edited by wbernardo24 on January 27, 2019 4:31AM
  • shootatme80
    Hey, are you still interested in skin runs? And I'm pretty sure you're in my guild. I have a few ppl that have done all the vet content just for whatever reason never went for skins. We are looking for a solid 4th person to do runs 2 times a week.

    My Xbone GT is the same as on here. You can send me a msg on here or on xbox.
    Imperial Dragonknight EP
    Khajiit Nightblade AD
    Redguard Stamsorc DC
    Altmer Magplar AD
  • wbernardo24
    Hey just seeing this now, what days do u guys run, if it fits my schedule I’m totally down I really want that skin .. what build are you in? @shootatme80
  • wbernardo24
    Still looking for group
  • BadSerpico
    Ebonheart Defenders is looking for any an all friendly team oriented players. We are friendly players have plenty of knowledge players that will help with Dps, tanking and healing plus teach mechanics . We also have regular DLC HM vet dungeon runs/Skin runs, VDSA, PvP in VIVEC and other events. We use the band App communicate/organize plus Xbox Club that we post pics, vids and achievements etc . If you are interested reply here or msg GT Bad Serpico
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