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Imperials are always the bad guys, why?

@ZOS_GinaBruno if you could pass this concern of mine onto whom it would concern, it would be greatly appreciated.
It seems that when ever there is story content introduced in eso that has anything to do with Imperials, they are always potrayed as the bad guys. In the DC storyline they are portayed as the enemy, in craglorn they are portrayed as the bad guys, in the main story line of the game where you have to stop the plainmeld they are potrayed as the bad guys. And those are the ones i can think off the top my head, im sure there are more examples. The only example of Imperials being portrayed in a good light is the Imperial city DLC, and even that only shows a few individuals as good. Even the latest chapter set to come out; Elswyr, the premise of the story is the Imperials are invading with a necromatic army. I’d like to think the Imperials are not all bad now, especially since the vestige defeated Molag Bal and Minamarco. I would like to see some future content where the Imperials are shown to be good or are not the bad guys outright like every other storyline in the game. Perhaps Imperial based DLC/Chapter that talks about Imperials from their perspective. Even if this said DLC is about invading another province, maybe it could be about Imperials rising to greatness again. Now one can tell from this thread that clearly my favorite race in tamriel are the Imperials, so please dont rip on me for that. But i am very anxious to hear what every one thinks about my supposition.
Respectfully Submitted,
  • Oberstein
    I agree naturally imperials are good guys with their hero Pelinal Whitestrake saved humans from dirty elf slavers. So as a human you support imperials and oppose those subhuman race like elfs. But ESO creators happens to be elf worshippers so only thing you can do is send job application and change this absurd thing from inside, no need to wait those elf worshippers.
    We can get rid of all elfs like Dwarves and we have perfect example.
    History, like a human being, is thirsty when it wakes from its slumber…History wants to drink up an enormous amount of blood. And even if history has tired of drinking blood, that’s only in regards to the amount. But what about quality? The larger the sacrifice is, the more delighted the cruel gods will be.
  • Yuls
    I'm so sick and tired of seeing this "evil imperials do xyz" whilst everyone else will also happily roll a necromancer and be perfectly fine and the hero whilst being on his or her normal routine of backstabbing citizens and stealing everything in their way. In fact I'm so tired of protecting someone from my folks and having to kill those pesky evil imperials once again that I'm not going to touch that chapter. Not another female Tharn portrayed as usurper with awful voice snarling at everyone all the time for me, tyvm. I'm also missing out on entertaining Abnur, but hey, they are probably going to ruin him anyway with that story. Maybe I'll give it a try some time later. When they introduce an imperial New Life quest...

    I do hope we get some nicer imperial content at some point
  • Nord_Raseri
    death to imperials ;)
    Edit: until Hjalti Eary-beard convinces me to join him. a few hundred years from now....
    Edited by Nord_Raseri on January 18, 2019 4:01PM
    Veit ég aðég hékk vindga meiði á nætr allar níu, geiri undaðr og gefinn Oðni, sjálfr sjálfum mér, á þeim meiði er manngi veit hvers hann af rótum rennr.
  • psychotrip
    Because they saw "Empire that condons necromancy and daedra worship" and assumed that they were supposed to be generic evil bad guys.

    Remember this game was in development around the time of Oblivion. They didn't have that game to piggy back off of and they certainly weren't going to go with the PGE1 description (that would require effort) so they decided to go with the evil empire trope.

    Years later, it just kind of stuck. They keep going back to the well they know.
    Edited by psychotrip on January 19, 2019 2:53PM
    No one is saying there aren't multiple interpretations of the lore, and we're not arguing that ESO did it "wrong".

    We're arguing that they decided to go for the most boring, mundane, seen-before interpretation possible. Like they almost always do, unless they can ride on the coat-tails of past games.
  • Royaji
    The whole point of ESO's story is that empire is in shambles and most of the legions fell under Molag Bal's control. Think there was an analysis somewhere which concluded that there might be like 2-3 legions that can be good guys but none of them are in the currently released zones.
  • Jacen_Veron
    Gold Coast had some fairly neutral Imperials, in fact our characters did the evil acts that time. But there are still plenty of imperial areas we have yet to visit, like Nibenay and the Weald.
  • Skander
    Imperials got tricked by an agent of Molag Bal that got into high ranks in the Empire. Thus they fractioned.

    They are tecnically the guys that want to bring peace everywhere no matter the cost.

    That's why Tharn is unleashing apocalypse everytime he thinks he's doing good. 2rkclc.jpg
    I meme, but my memes are so truthful they hurt
    -Elder Nightblades Online
    Want competitive pvp while being outnumbered? Tough luck, the devs clearly said you have to die in those situations
  • Tornaad
    I believe they have 3 different alliances warring over their home. I can easily see grounds for some understandable desperation happening.
  • Tessitura
    Gold Coast had some fairly neutral Imperials, in fact our characters did the evil acts that time. But there are still plenty of imperial areas we have yet to visit, like Nibenay and the Weald.

    The war is taking place in Nibanay, thats the area around the Imperial City. So we have been there. I suppose the Southern half near Leyawiin is still open to explore later.
  • Dread_Guy
    We're misunderstood fellows.

    In Imperial City you do get to help a good section of imperials against the daedric forces as well as traitorous scum who sided with Molag Bal's forces
    "My name is Julius Decimus Heraclius, Guildmaster of the Scions of the Sun, Brigadier of the Covenant Army, loyal servant to the High King Emeric. Brother to a betrayed legion, son to a fallen empire. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next." ---Julius Decimus Heraclius (Imperial Templar)
  • FrancisCrawford
    Good imperials, IIRC, can be found:
    • In Northeast Reaper's March.
    • In some towns and temples in Cyrodiil.
    • As indviduals in many places, e.g. the main quest givers in Murkmire and White-Gold Tower.

    Perhaps also the Gold Coast?
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