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Elsweyr Digital Upgrade -> Elsweyr Collectors Digital Upgrade possible?

I immediately jumped on the hype train for Elsweyr by buying the standard Elsweyr upgrade, without realizing the collectors upgrade was 10$ more, I would happily purchase the additonal 10$ but I have already gotten the standard upgrade. My main character being a Khajit, this really wanted me to have it more. Is this transaction even possible. Or would it be an additonal 50$ and I should just hold my breathe. (new to forms, sorry if I'm doing it wrong)
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  • zvavi
    They should release later on the collector bonuses in the crown store (I think), but honestly, try submitting a ticket about it. Even two (the first ticket for in-game issue is always an auto answer, maybe not about purchases, but u know, don't get discouraged of your first ticket is an auto answer)
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