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Having Trouble with Hawk Eye

I've been trying to buy medium shoes, pants, chest, shoulders, hat for Hawk Eye set but I can't find in guild stores and I don't have time to farm Bruma in PVP. If anyone has these pieces please mail them I'll COD if you want.
  • Taleof2Cities
    Buy/Sell threads are generally frowned upon in the forums, @Almakor.

    If you’re in a PvP guild, players often forget the guild bank ... as items can be forgotten there and collect dust. Even Hawk Eye gear from the past.

    After that, I’m afraid Bruma is the best option. Looks like you can’t even be bothered with even checking the town status late at night on a quiet campaign.

    There are alternative gear sets to keep in mind ... such as Marksman, Archer’s Mind, or the revamped Deadly Strike (coming soon).
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