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Is there an add-on to batch add guild store listings?

Hi, community: i tried searching here and on ESOUI for an add-on that would help me automate the process of listing thousands of materials for sale.

Putting up 10k iron ingots for sale manually, by doing lots of 200 or 50, takes a bit of time and i think it could be automated.

Ideally such an add-on would ask me how many stacks to put up for sale, the size of the stack, and the price. Then it would proceed to fill the 30 (or less) slots available with multiple listings of that material.

Is there such an add-on?

Best Answer

  • LeinadOrarogep
    I actually had some issues with the Awesome Guildstore + MM combo. Whenever i put up a listing, he will not use the price i entered, but some kind of rounding - sometimes significant.

    I'm not sure if this was an AGS or a MM issue.

    Will try to reinstall them both and see how it goes now, thanks!
  • commdt
    Personally I use ATT instead of MM, it is far more optimized. And this is strange my prices never reset, check Awesome guildstore settings, or in Auction window click on button which determines default prices to "last used" or something
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