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PC EU, veteran Scalecaller Peak no death + hard mode

...not necessarily at the same time. :p
Looking for two additional experienced members, a healer and a tank (or a healer and a DD, though I'm not entirely comfortable tanking that place out of desperation). Been trying to pug the damn thing for weeks but every random group I got inevitably had someone who was there for the first time and didn't know the mechanics.
  • Protossyder
    I can do every role.

    @Protossyder in game. Back home at 19:00 CET.
    What you lose in the fire, you will find amongst the ashes.

    Characters worth mentioning:
    Daedrós - Magicka DK - Dunmer - PvE & PvP - Flawless Conqueror - Emperor
    Dragybor - Stamblade - Redguard - PvE (first char)
    Yondaime Raikage - Stamsorc - Redguard - PvE
    Zerg Overmind - Magblade - Altmer - PvE
    Yenari - Magsorc - Altmer - PvE - Flawless Conqueror
    Devoured-his-siblings - DK Tank - Argonian - PvE
    Valkyrja Valhalla - StamDK - Redguard - PvE
    Hyperion der Obere - Magplar - Altmer - PvE
    Affa al'Dschinni - Stamplar - Redguard - PvP
    Enjoys-the-slaughter - Templar Healer - Argonian - PvE
    Arenas: vDSA (~46k) - vMA (~580k)
    Trials: vAA hm - vHRC hm - vSO hm - vMoL hm (~161k) - vHoF hm (~202k) - vAS hm - vCR

    PC - EU
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