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Looking at Elder Scrolls Online's Update 21 Race Wars & What To Expect

Class Representative

With the race changes being of a huge consequence affecting classes and other things including playstyles/content specific characters, I personally believe that slightly more than 1 race change token is needed for many players to reconsider their characters (or reserve judgement until more information about other changes is released as I have a hard time believing that the devs would do this overhaul on races but not change things about classes considering them hinting so with Elsweyr/Necromancer). It is interesting to note however that these changes have one precedent when races became an actual thing a long long time ago but back then race changes weren't available.
  • karthrag_inak
    I've played elder scrolls games since arena solely to play khajiit. i'm not going to change race - if these lame changes to khajiit don't play out well, i'd rather quit than change.
  • Inipu
    Agreed. Redguard for me all the way. Do or die.
  • Daimmyo
    Inipu wrote: »
    Agreed. Redguard for me all the way. Do or die.

    Indeed, and respect to all other players sticking to their favourite race.

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