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"This one seeks life amongst the populace"

Greetings, fellow Elder Scrolls enthusiasts.

Now, I have been playing the game on and off, currently I am "On" in regards to ESO, and one of the things that I often did in my spare time was Roleplaying (Or at least tried to, when I wasn't being stood up by members in community guilds, or people generally seemingly trying to avoid me. Some legit reasons, some less so), and one of the known hotspots that I went to often was Balmora. Though it seems to be empty now while I am there with my adorable Khajiit Rogue.

So I was wondering if there are still crowds out there who do actually Roleplay in the Elder Scrolls universe. Or are they mostly reclusive bunch and don't make their presence really known?

Would be good to know, so I know if to just keep playing the open world with my Khajiit, or to take detours in to Roleplaying while not leveling.
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