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ESO Mac Client Error Reporting Response

Apparently the response method from developers is acknowledge there is a problem then keep users in the dark as to the status of the correction. Key words for customer relations:
1. Ignore Problem
2. Acknowledge but see 1 above.
3. Deny being able to see problem then see 1 above.
4. Continue to ignore since that works for the current congress and executive branch of government
5. Blame the press for "fake news"
6. Tell customers that "they should be using windows computer since that works better with game"
6. Provide alternative "facts", see 1 above.
7. If all else fails: Yep see 1 above.
8. Blame Raedon
9. Blame Apple
10. Blame Trump
11. If all else fails: See 7 above.
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    We are closing this thread as it is not constructive and there is already an ongoing thread here regarding the random crashing issues. Updates will be posted within the thread above about this issue and any further comments can be posted there as well.
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