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Store Search Filters

Why is there no filter in guild stores for searching for recipes you don’t know?? I spend hours sifting through hundreds of listings of things I already know looking for things I don’t know. Seems like an easy add and a huge miss from search functionality.
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  • VaranisArano
    Whoever designed the guild store UI did not really do so with functionality for the customer in mind. I can only assume that their mindsight was similar to whoever designs department stores so that you have to wend your way past every sale and deal before you finally get to the one item you were searching for.

    In short, the UI is for the seller's benefit, forcing us to wade through listings, not the buyer's, itherwise we'd have things like you suggest or a text search for things like recipes and motifs and armor sets.
  • BlondyIronBlood
    Soul Shriven
    Good the UI is getting an upgrade then!
    I've also gotten bloody blind from watching the harsh, purple-coloured names while searching for motifs 3 minutes straight.
    A search engine is a much needed add-on, and it shall be provided!!!
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