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Anyone else been seeing the resource farming bots that are almost constantly running around parts of Khenarthi's Roost, Stros M'kai, Betnikh, Bleakrock Isle and Bal Foyen?
I've lost count of how many times I've submitted reports about them, but bugger all has been done about the cheat behind it.
Plus... If they can put a bot on the server to do that, what else can they do? Get into peoples private info?

You need to do something about them guys!
  • morchand23
    They are real bots with farming patterns been watching them for 3 days now!!! One has been in the same spot Betnikh the entire time never logging out!! All are level 3 with a pet and there everywhere. I did not ever think this would happen on console!!
  • Excaltic
    Free simple to use anti-bot system in a game for Zenimax for consoles:

    Implement a system for players (accounts) that are running around in (well known) farming zones for more then 30 minutes while looting x amount of items / gold per x minutes:

    - Every 30~60 (random) minutes freeze the gameplay of this player (no movement, no damage taken, etc)
    - Give them a popup with a colored crystal
    - Ask what color it is with 1 minute answer time
    - Correct answer = 5k gold
    - Incorrect answer 1st fail = no gold and try again (other color crystal) for no gold
    - Incorrect answer 2nd fail = disconnect from game and log player
    - 10x incorrect answer disconnects (logged) = 1 day ban
    - 3x 1 day ban = 1 month ban
    Edited by Excaltic on January 5, 2019 8:06PM
  • kitsune_beth
    I thought they might have done something about it, I hadn't seen any of them for almost a week. But they're back today.
    Although the user/character name changes, it's definitely the same person doing it, because they're always doing the same repetitive runs in the same locations.

    You guys at ZEN do realise that means someone has either bypassed or cracked your server security to put code on there to make the game do something it shouldn't be doing, right?
  • Turelus
    The best you can do is report them to ZOS and Microsoft.

    ZOS generally goes through and bans the ones they get reports of, but new accounts are made they they come back (the never ending war).

    It's also worth noting that if you see anyone buying or selling gold you should report them as well, as they're the main cause of so many bots being in the game.
    @Turelus - EU PC Megaserver
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