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  • adjamski
    Soul Shriven
    Looking to join a friendly guild...GT: Adjamski

    Many Thanks
  • ShanebEU
    Soul Shriven
    I'd like to join please man. GT is EU Maestro
  • DrGinger
    Soul Shriven
    If y'all are still looking for members, I'm interested in joining.

    GT: Sawn Thorne
    IGN: Trygve Gunnr
  • Odie71
    Soul Shriven
    Looking for a pvp guild as I want to get more involved in it and level up my pvp build gamer tag is odie71
  • Daalin
    Soul Shriven
    I would like join with your guild. Im new Eso player (lvl 37 sorc), so dont expect great PvE knowledge at the moment. Im interested in trials but i dont know much about it. So any help is welcome. Are you using voice chat during PvE content or just text chat or nothing? If somebody calls out dungeon trial, how i can join with others? What time(zone) dungeon trials usually take place? GT: DaalinX
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