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Join the Barbarian Horde! Social/Pve (all welcome)

The Barbarian Horde is the newest and soon to be greatest guild in Tamriel! Since forming barely a month ago we have watched our numbers jump up to the 80's and we want to include you!

The Barbarian Horde is primarily a PVE guild, but a fair number of our members enjoy PvP and battlegrounds. We are looking for active members that want to grow with us and eventually take down end game vet trials! We're all super friendly, helpful, and we don't ask for dps tests or gear checks.

Need something crafted? Ask one of our master crafters to help you out! Tired of questionable pugs? Many of our members are down to run dungeons/pledges anytime! Need a price checked on an item? Use the price check botwe have in our guild discord! Need some build/gear advice? Many of our members will be happy to provide advice and guidance, along with helping you farm that last piece you need!

- Daily events including trials 2-3 times a week, skyshard gathering, world boss clearing, lorebooks and more!
- Guild Hall stocked with all crafting/transmute stations and test dummies.
- Active and well organized discord server with bots and lots of helpful information.
- Master Crafters
- Vampire and werewolf bites
- Friendly and helpful members who want to help each other grow and succeed.
- Eventually we plan to form a core trial team that will focus on vet trial progression (still a ways away from that)
- We also want to acquire and maintain a guild trader.

Discord is not required, but it is strongly recommended as that is how we organize our roster for trials and other events.

Join the Horde!! Grow with us and together let's play and enjoy this game in a friendly, chill atmosphere! Comment on this post, or message me on psn to get an invite! Psn: Silumgahr
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  • Silumgahr
    Update: We're at 89 members now, still some slots open for tomorrow's Sanctum run!
  • Silumgahr
    Bump. We're still looking for recruits! Particularly those who are interested in running normal trials! We run normal trials every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evening. Join today!
  • Silumgahr
  • cmchameleon
    Soul Shriven
    Are you still looking for memebers? I'm new and looking for something friendly. psn: Frogo1998
  • Colress
    Hi my PSN is Colress, would love an in invite
  • Colress
  • Silumgahr
    Apologies everyone that has posted. My forum account signed out and I didn't realize it. Invites will be sent asap! Again I am sorry. We are still actively recruiting! We are currently at 200 members.
  • PRX_Arkellius
    Hey guys, just got back into ESO and having fun again. Looking to get into some trials and people to do all the DLC dungeons that can show me the ropes.

    PSN - Necroshan 634 Templar Healer
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