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Super Blood Wolf Moon Housing Contest -- Get your entries in by January 20th! Over 2m in prizes!

To celebrate the Super Blood Wolf Moon occurring the night of January 20-21, the Spicy Life and Spicy Economics guilds are holding a SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON HOUSING CONTEST! Open to ALL on the PC/NA server!

Super because it's closest to earth at that time, Blood because of the red color of the lunar eclipse, Wolf because it's January, and Moon because it's the big body up in the sky that orbits the planet.

So this contest is about creating something super, something bloody, something wolfy, or something moony! Pick one of your homes and create something super to celebrate the event, or specialize in any one of the aspects!


To enter, send an in-game mail to @JHartEllis with the type of home your entry is in (e.g. "Snugpod"), and you may include a BRIEF description if necessary to explain the build. Make sure JHartEllis has Visitor access for judging. It is not necessary to set the home to your primary, and you do not need to be present during judging. Send your entry mail before before 3pm ET on January 20. Enter early (earlier the better), and finish your build before judging begins.


3 Winners for MOST SUPER
1 Winner for BLOODIEST
1 Winner for WOLFIEST
1 Winner for MOONIEST
Each of the 6 winners will receive 350,000 gold on the PC/NA server!

Judging will be streamed Sunday, January 20 starting at 5pm ET at

Good luck, and happy building!

Also, aroo!
Guild leader of Spicy Economics and Spicy Life on PC/Mac NA
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