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The Jade Order - New Social Guild [EU/Int - AD (sort of)]

The Jade Order is a newly formed social guild, with both quite experienced and brand new members. We are here purely for the fun, including perhaps having fun with some of the harder content in the future. And if you just want someone to chat with while fishing, that is perfectly fine too.

We only have two rules:

Respect others.
Have fun.

If it sounds like something for you, contact @RaxnaTT, @Dulatsil, @Aperestelo, @Severeus or @Mydisa in game or leave a comment in this thread.

  • krollerupb16_ESO

    We have now gotten a few members. We could use a few more, as long as they want to be a little sociable with us. Feel free to contact any of the above in game or leave a comment in this thread.

  • Amphithoe
    Sign me up :smile:
    Guildmaster: School of Julianos
  • isolarxgaming
    Soul Shriven
    I would like to join if you're still recruiting.
  • krollerupb16_ESO
    Hi guys! We are indeed still recruiting. Feel free to mail me, or any of the other contacts, in game and add us to your friends list. That way we will talk with you as soon as possible. :)

    Already added you, Iso, will talk to you soon. :)
  • krollerupb16_ESO
    Updated contacts are:

    @RaxnaTT, @Madmanvickers, @Gawiv and @WestlandDoomhound.
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