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crafting station become unusable after exiting the house

  • tim99
    Is it still happening? I had no problems any more in coldhabour house. I just moved all table to the beach and boat house in sommerset. Really afraid that i forgot that and several hours decorating is useless now when i get home
  • Cruggs
    Unfortunately: Yes.
    I have a thread in the German forum, I try to quote some of the the problems via "google translate".

    I put it into "spoiler" because it could be a bit longer ;-)
    Sorry for bad english - google and me tried to do best...

    Nov. 05
    I'm not that happy either.
    Although I have confidently set all set tables back on their own stone platform (Alinor floor ballroom, worn out), but yesterday came the first message that the tables no longer work.
    Interestingly enough, all blacksmithing sites and the three sets from Cyrodiil did not work completely.
    I have now set up the three Cyrodiil sets elsewhere (but back to the Alin floor).

    By the way, these set tables are in the earthtear cavern in Craglorn.
    About half of the water surface is now spanned by this Alinor floor and on it are, among other things, the set tables.

    Should there be further problems, I will report here.
    Nov. 06
    Yesterday evening (05.11.2018) the three sets from Cyrodiil did not work again, all other settables were ok.
    I've put the troublemakers on natural ground for the first time so they can be used.

    Since I do not want to believe that the Cyrodiil tables are so extravagant to work only on natural ground, I am amazed that the two places they did not work on before will also be problematic for other settables.
    Nov. 06
    Tonight the three settables (smiths, carpenters, tailors) of the "double star" no longer work.
    "Way of the Arena", which are directly opposite, but still.
    Slowly I do not understand anything anymore ...

    As a next step, I just swapped the positions of the "Path of the Arena" and "Double Star" tables.
    When I stopped by again some time later, the "double star" set did not work completely anymore.

    Does that mean it's not just where the tables are, but the set tables themselves?
    Are there actually set tables that preferably do not work?
    For this theory also speak the aforementioned problem with the three Cyrodiil sets ...
    Nov. 09
    Yesterday evening (08.11.2018) the Morkudlin set did not work completely, some of the other tables from DLC areas did not work anymore.

    I'm slowly losing interest in the game.
    Nov. 10
    [Yesterday] I had just written a detailed ticket with links to the English and German speaking forum to point out that the actual bug still exists.
    But when I clicked on "Next", I was back at the beginning of the ticket production.
    No ticket - and the entire text gone.
    Since I was a little tired, I'm guessing a wrong operation on my part.
    But no matter, I just stood just before the meltdown ...

    At your suggestion:
    The "funny" thing about the bug is that you just have to turn one of the tables back to "green", then suddenly all the tables will work again. You do not have to tie them together to achieve this.
    The problem for me is not the repair time, but more that I have to do it almost every time now and that you have to do it at all.
    For this one needs deco rights ...
    That would be very annoying for me as a single user of the home, but at a guild home? An absurdity!

    I will have no choice but to create a new ticket and push it until never santa's day.
    This time I will create it but first in Notepad and save before ...
    I am still in the learning age ;-)
    Nov. 12
    After every house visit, there was another problem with the tables,
    I've had to put most of it back on natural soil
    so they work reliably.

    Funny as always: it does not affect all tables.
    Affected were:
    Vvardenfell, Wrothgar, Gold Coast, Hews Bane, Cyrodiil, Craglorn and Earthforge.

    I'm not there from the beginning, but typed from the gut:
    Are not these all "newer" tables that came later?
    I am not sure about the earthforge, but the rest came later to the game.
    Nov. 12
    @ZOS_GinaBruno, @ZOS_KaiSchober

    Time a question from the German forum to Gina (and for security to Kai):
    Why do you have to adjust the craft tables to "green"?
    They are not animated, right?
    Why can not they always work, no matter how they stand around?
    Then at least we would not have any more of these kinds of problems.

    - Complement -
    And if there's an invisible cubic dot grid where items need to be aligned,
    then simply introduce an automatic locking function for the settables.
    Even if they stand there and look crooked and hunchback like the thesis of Hieronymus Bosch:
    No matter, they are not supposed to be on the catwalk, they just have to work reliably.

    So there is still a bug.

    In short form:
    I am suffering since summerset: BUG 1
    Then with Update 20 (Murkmire): BUG 2, which outshone BUG 1 in its violence.
    Interim Patch: BUG 2 has been removed.
    Stand now: BUG 1 secretly continues to exist.

    Well, a long post, but maybe needful.

    - Update -
    Here is the link to the original thread in the German forum: original-thread
    Edited by Cruggs on November 27, 2018 5:36AM
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  • mrpaxman
    I am now down to not thinking this will ever be fixed. I do not even see any official response any where of a fix ever being tried again (very disappointing on that). If there is a fix planned again ever. I will not believe it until i have seen it working properly. The issues are wide spread. From stations, mundus stones to skills. We cant even put a duelling arena on the platforms since our skills go through furnishings. We cant have furnishings as obstructions for other players while duelling. Some just require tab locking to make the skills go through anything. There is not even any point in placing obstructions for duelling on natural ground. blockade outside of duelling on platforms does damage to my DPS dummies below. In a duel on platforms the fellow dueller is taking damage. Destro ult is just not even possible to fire on any platform. This issue is still a massive problem always. Most of us have found it useless providing any more info and thus not brought it up much for quite a long time now. not to mention the totally unfair amount of hours players have put in to this and trying to get it fixed. and getting very little communication back. Our predictions are more accurate then official feedback. It was pretty clear its not even going to be attempted to be fixed until next major patch still months away. or future patches. or never. It really is at that point. I can list thousands of accounts that it is affecting just personally. The many people in the same situation are more frustrated then ever. They either have given up on this or are close to with little hope left. Along with this issue. The people owning such massive works of effort and cost are usually guild masters or high ranking officers of large guilds. (side note: officers and leaders deserve not to be treated so badly by the company we put parts of our lives in to). not only do we sacrifice so much for the community. we also have gone through a very unfair amount of hours on this bug. i know im well over 100 hours on just this bug directly with it all being totally wasted time. I know many of the people in this channel and when our guildies ask about things of our guild hall. we can only say the truth. simply put, i say "the bug is still around since housing release and there is little hope or sign it its gonna be fixed any time soon. or if at all". Through out this entire thread. Almost every issue has been mentioned that we are aware of. To see all these things. It will only take 2 players or employees a few hours to witness the behaviour of it all. To put that last fix attempt ahead after me only testing for 1 hour on PTS to see it was not in any way better. That being only 1 example of how we see things not even being understood as almost every regular player does. And thus, every player did see it when it still went live. I felt totally ignored when i said and showed proof in this thread this bug is not fixed at all during my PTS testing and if anything it only seemed worse. If magically platforms/furnishings were to be turned in to the exact same behaviour as natural ground. I think that would cover every issue with crafting or skills. Even if that is tecnhically unrealistic. if so then we still have not even seen such things like a hotfix which places a furnishing down in the same place it was to have all stations work on platforms from every visitor. A feature that has been in add ons for a long time but only works for the decorator upon entering the house or manually clicking the option to reset dummies or reset stations. A serious amount of work needs to increase on the bugs and base game. In many corners of the game. This is the way of living in eso. Not even a single dungeon has no bug in it. Some from launch and some started in patches in the games early days and never fixed again

    Can we please get some more information on the future of this bug?
    Good or bad. If i know this is never going to be fixed. Then i can at least go ahead with making the best out of what can be currently done. Not stuck in this loop of using ugly homes for only function as best as possible. I would tear down the other broken homes that are not in use due to this bug. and could actually make them in to at least cosmetic homes instead of not looking at the things that are not working as intended. housing has very little to offer. I have spent far less crowns then what i would have if not for this bug. At least 3 crown only manors and more crown items. Basically no crown packs at all since dealing with this bug in the last year and a half of me first seeing it. Only bug fixes will make me spend more then membership like i did in the first couple years i played
    Victory or Valhalla!
    PC NA
  • Cruggs
    It is very frustrating.
    Honestly, not so much that the bug still exists.
    But no one from the official side is committed to it.
    And that is almost scandalous and it grieves me a lot.

    At the moment I am not feeling strong enough, but as soon as I'm feeling better,
    I promise to generate a superior bug report, related to both forums.
    And I will push, push, push, until I'm retired!
    Promised ;-)
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  • Grimm13
    Had Posted this in Housing, Linked it in Crafting and now here. This is one item that is hard to tell where to post about as it encompasses several categories.

    For those that don't want to go to the link... but please do. maybe double coverage will sink in for ZOS.

    What needs to be done is ZOS needs to change them so they no longer have to be set down within a certain range to activate. Just make them so they are active when placed any where in the house.

    Does it really matter if someone places them off the ground? It's their house. If they want an Escher House so what. It's not like we can place them anywhere except in our own homes.

    This is the simplest way to fix the things so we can use the platforms.

    EDIT: If this can not be done, then please explain to us why. We are just tried of them now being fixed the other way. Time to try something new.

    @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_JessicaFolsom

  • mrpaxman
    I truly hope the next patch notes or a confirmation from ZOS that another fix/attempt will be made?

    It's great to see they tried to fix it once even though it did not work. No more future fix attempts will be even worse then not trying the first time. If it is even fixed next patch. It will be 2 years (since housing released).

    Crafting stations, Mundus stones, DPS dummies, duelling or just simply casting many specific skills are extremely bugged on any platform. If fear is used in a duel on natural ground. It still sends characters stuck in furnishings around the arena. The only decent duelling arena is one that has no furnishings near the area at all.
    Victory or Valhalla!
    PC NA
  • GreenLegendRan
  • Tigerseye
    Yet another reason to get rid of the multiple attunable stations and replace them with attunables that can have all sets added to them (via vouchers).

    So, even if this issue is fixed, if it ever happens again, at least people only have to worry about 7 bugged stations.
  • mrpaxman
    So a new house was announced on the live stream today. A house suited for duelling having some kind of trap/traps. Anyone wanting to decorate the arena will likely have issues. As mentioned in this very thread. Duelling is useless with ANY furnishings in the area of combat.

    -Fear makes you go in to walls or stuck in many player made furnishings
    -Having platforms will make many skills and/or ultimate's not work properly. Or at all in some cases
    -Tab targeting allows skills to go through all furnishings that i have tested with. Thus making obstructions redundant
    -knock backs can get you stuck under, inside or below furnishings

    This is often found out after after many hours, gold and/or crowns are usually spent before the duelling happens and issues show themselves. There are many houses made for duelling that are abandoned and called "broken" by the owners throughout the forums, Youtube and fellow guildies. To not be aware of the points i mention would be very disappointing for me if i was to buy that house. I expect many players buying that house will feel that way afterwards. I would surely place furnishings in the fighting area. Probably exterior walls, pillars, etc. And interior walls or obstructions. Various levels using platforms of some type. On top of that there is still the original issue of crafting stations, mundus stones and DPS dummies not working properly on platforms. I hope for any kind of change along with so many other players
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  • mrpaxman

    "Crafting stations can now reliably be used in homes, and no longer sometimes disable themselves when you leave and re-enter your home."

    I will test this and give feedback
    Victory or Valhalla!
    PC NA
  • mrpaxman
    Exactly 10 times i have now logged on and tested my house with all set stations and all mundus stones...
    Another guildie also visited the house twice with no issue at all after checking for me
    It is nothing like on live where up to 3 times i will see an issue with many stations. I either have the luck of 1000:1 or it is actually fixed

    TY, TY and TY ZoS :D :) :D

    DPS dummies or platform behaviour with skills or duelling seems un-changed. Ground aoe's are still an issue. Visually they are below the platform. Damage from things like blockade are done to my DPS dummies both below and above the platforms at teh same time/cast. Time stop still is placed below the platforms that are off the ground. Destro ult will not fire at all. im sure many other skills to. Tab locking still allows many skills to hit a target. My light or heavy attacks also. Even on a DPS dummy that is on the level below the platform im standing on. It is also skill specific doing that. Some examples are my light or heavy attacks (fire staff and resto tested), NB cripple do hit my target. Destructive reach does not.

    For myself, the stations being fixed is not only amazingly great in itself. Especially when the house is used by other players. I can now place my stations in many more areas to before and giving me a MUCH better DPS dummy or duelling area on my platforms that are close enough/touching the ground that do not give issues
    Victory or Valhalla!
    PC NA
  • MyNameIsElias
    I can confirm, it seems to be fixed, again! Now let's just hope that it won't break when it goes to live, like it did with the Murkmire launch :joy:
  • mrpaxman
    Awesome. Glad to hear :D All still working fine for me to. I will continue visiting the house often to check the stations and Mundus stones and give more feedback on results. During the last fix attempt. On PTS i was able to go from all stations working fine on the 1st and 2nd visit. Then the 3rd visit onwards was every station always. Just like it was for everyone when Murkmire went live. Info of the test is in the following link from page 2 of this thread
    This PTS test being a NA copy meant i was able to use my guild hall and test on the 2nd floor where i definitely get the issue no less then 90% of the time on the live server. Hopefully no issue arises at any stage including it hitting the live server. My fingers will be crossed until about 1 week after it goes live :D
    Victory or Valhalla!
    PC NA
  • Cruggs
    So if it turns out to be true that this old evil has actually been fixed then it would be one of the best ESO news for me for a very long time!
    And not only for me, I guess...
    Hey! Wo ist mein Schwein? Wer hat mein Schwein?
  • MyNameIsElias
    I went on pts and tested making a crafting station area ontop of other items, and i am so happy that it's now finally possible!

    I created a flat area using Murkmire reed platforms, and placed down all the stations on it. Can't wait to do this when it comes to the live servers :)

    *Pardon the bright lights, was experimenting with it*




    and if you are curious, the stations are placed down in alphabetical order, left to right from where you enter the home. I have done the same on the live servers with the corresponding letter above the stations :)


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