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Being forced to exit the dungeon queue while in a load screen.

ZOS seriously! You need to do something about this! Every day, Every-Single-Day I will be in the dungeon queue and because of these stupid load screens, when the game finally comes back to me I get the message that "Someone declined the invite. You have exited the queue." As a tank, no problem. I can just queue back up and get another invite 10 seconds later. As a DPS!? I have to wait 40 minutes to an hour or longer before I even get an invite! Let alone one I can't respond to because I am stuck in a flippin load screen!!!

Today, really took the cake though. I was in Morrowind, running to a new way shrine on my mount, using rapids. While traveling along, the game lags and sends me back to load screen, when I come back more than a minute later... Sure enough, I missed my invite and have been exited from the queue.

I don't know what or how but something needs to be done about this I know people who refuse to do dungeons with their DPS because of this issue. Maybe if you have a token that tells the dungeon system the player is in a load screen, you can grant us 2nd in line rather than 1st in line on a new queue, because we declined the invite through no fault (or choice) of our own!

I have better things to do today, so I will try again later... maybe. if I have the patience for it. Just understand this attitude, is common (not universal, but common) among DPS players when it comes to queuing up for dungeons.

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