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Coming back for the 3rd time need nightblade, dualwield, bow guide.

Soul Shriven
Hi I’m coming to the game the 3rd time since my friends wants me to play. I did post here before but following the guide was a bit confusing. I’m looking for a night blade, dual wield, bow build just for PvE with friends. I mainly want to dps when we are in a group. What skills can you recommend me? I don’t have the DLCs. Thanks! Just looking to play for fun and probably will take it seriously after.

Edit: Do I need any skills from the Nightblade? I think what it comes down to is which skills should I invest in. I won’t really care too much about the set armor pieces unless you want to tell me which sets are good and how to obtain them.

Do you think this guide still holds up?

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