Graphical Error with light source

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Good afternoon. I play ESO on my PC & span the game across 3-4k monitors that total a resolution of 11520x2160 (its truly an amazing experience)
However, there is a bug in the game that creates the artifact light source that is always in front of me. I opened a support ticket and they told me play the game a lower resolution (seriously)? lol

I attached a youtube video showing the light source. I would LOVE to get this resolved as it really takes me away from the experience of the game having this light always cutting into the shadows in front of me.

  • CZG_Corpus
    Soul Shriven
    nothing on this? no plans to fix? no ideas?
  • mrpaxman
    I have the same issue since the games launch. I play at 5760x1080 triple screen. It took a good 6 months before i stopped noticing it all the time. That and the terrible looking load screen pictures that are stretched and cropped a lot are indeed quite annoying. Thankfully add ons like Azurah allow us to move all the UI elements back to the centre screen fixing that particular issue and thus making the game as playable as single screen or better
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