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Unlink from one PSN and link to another.

Soul Shriven
I've heard a lot of people have had this/a similar issue and just wanted to know: Can I link my ESO account to another PSN if I unlink it from the original one?

Before anyone answers, let me explain my situation.
So, I made an ESO account a little while ago when I purchased the physical copy of The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited and linked it with my family PlayStation 4. However, for Christmas, I got my own PS4 and wanted to be able to play ESO on that with the same account.
I tried linking the same account to that PSN but it wouldn't let me as it was already linked to another one (my family PS4). So, I unlinked it from that via The Elder Scrolls Online site but still face the same problem.

Is it possible if anyone can help me fix this? I came across someone else who had a very similar problem to mine (theirs was with two different PSN accounts, but appeared to be on the same PS4) and they managed to get it fixed. I'd really appreciate it if someone could do the same for me and anyone else in this dilemma.
Thank you.
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