PS4 trading guild CALDWELL'S CONER

Soul Shriven
Hi Adventurers!!
[Cadwells Corner] Trading Guild is looking for ACTIVE sellers.
We are a reliable trading guild with affordable dues for those who like a good trader for less.
We require a weekly Guild Bank deposit of 3000 gold per week.
Our Current Trader is in RWAL'KAL REAPERS MARCH

We have a beautiful Guild Hall with 4 DPS target dummies for Trials and dungeons, Transmutation Station, Jewelry Station, Alchemy Station, Enchanting Station, Provisioning Station, Banker, Merchant and 23 craftable sets.
Mages Guild sets.
Fighters Guild sets.
Imperial City DLC sets.
Orsinium DLC sets.
Thieves Guild DLC sets.
Dark Brotherhood DLC sets.
Morrowwind DLC sets.
Clockwork City DLC sets.
And Hunding Rage.

We also do the occasional activity (PvE,PvP, Trials, Dungeons
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  • TessaGrey
    Soul Shriven
    If you like to.join send PlayStationessage to SCOOBY_GIRL_444
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