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PC NA looking for a casual 1-2 players to start new character with

Soul Shriven
Hi im @KaptainKiljoy and I've put in maybe 50-60 hours total to eso and am looking for 1-2 players to start a play through with as I'd prefer some company through the game and none of my irl friends play this game. Reply if interested and we'll get the details sorted out.

Oh and it would be best to communicate over discord if you have one
  • reyreyjr97
    Soul Shriven
    Hey, I just started eso on pc and also need people to play with. I have over 2000 hours on ps4 but none of my friends play eso anymore.
  • KaptainKiljoy
    Soul Shriven
    yeah man I'll look you up what's your eso name?
  • tylerjo1
    Soul Shriven
    If your still looking for people, I'd be happy to play some. I have a few new characters that need to be leveled.
  • Splattercat_83
    Same here I have 1020 something cp on xbox1 and maw completes, flawless on my dps toons. Got fedup with the poor performance on console and have switched to PC na. I am now a level 11 magblade lmao. My username is @splatter83.
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