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Clan CleaverRidge looking for New Blood.

Soul Shriven
Our clan is an Orc clan adding that bit of extra roleplaying for every persons playing ESO. With our different rank system we have added some of our own story too mix up your playing experience. With games like the Elder Scrolls series I've always loved to create my characters, with back stories, how my character will behave, and changing my play style each new character. I have created a Clan where you can create a story for yourself.

Here are a few details about our clan.

You do not have to be an Orc to be in our Clan but there are certain perks if you are (ranks=Permissions=Access to Guild bank, etc).
We have a new and different way of having people move through the ranks.
No hidden fees or add-ons

You should have a lot of fun if you like to role-play, play casually or grind, whatever.
My PSN is jaypr26
My ESO character name is Boreick
I am the Horde Leader of the Clan, If enough people want to know ranks, i'm sure I can edit posts (I'm new).
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