The Blood Covenant - Aldmeri Dominion

Soul Shriven
Strike from shadow, punish in light, turn the tide of battle. Adventure, level, and live as vampire!

Guild for PVP and PVE role play.

Taking members now!

Come pledge to Erruraviel High Elf Battle Mage and Sire of the Blood Covenant. Walk Tamriel as a predator among prey!

No Scams, no purchase required, the cost is your loyalty to the Blood Covenant. Those who prove their loyalty will be turned if not already vampires.

Group up with guild members for dungeons and pvp action. Imagine a field full of Vampires at the castle gates!

-Request membership

-Join as a pledge or kindred

- Gain access to secrets and knowledge on how to use your new abilities

-make the biggest vampire guild on the server!

-Turning is not instant as it takes several days. Plenty of time to see if your worthy.

- Pledges can only be turned by Scions (lvl 6)

- Active non vampire members (within reason) will get the chance of being turned by Scions or even the chance to be turned by the Sire!

-Vampires welcomed

- Those looking to be turned welcomed

Answer the call of Erruraviel, a new conquest has begun! Rule the night and shadow of Tamriel!
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    Soul Shriven
    Add me please Wizhard_tr
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