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Bloody Mess achievement moon hunter

Hey everyone! My group tonight was trying to get the achievement for not touching the bloody geysers on the first boss. We didn't and the achievement didn't unlock. Has anyone gotten this and if so, how did you do it? Thanks!
  • Valkner
    Someone had to have gotten hit by a geyser. My group did it on normal without issue, just move fast when he puts both arms in the air.
  • thepiratehunter
    Is it just the geysers that he summons under your feet or is there something else that we need to avoid like the ones he shoots towards you or his giant aoe circle beneath his feet or the wolves as well
  • Valkner
    Just the geysers that spawn under each character.
  • tafer14

    Will the achievement only be unlocked if all group members are not hit by the geyser?

    Or is it enough if only myself gets not hit?
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