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"Unable to Connect to Game Server ..."

Nova Sky
Nova Sky
" ... please make sure you have a valid Internet connection."

For the record, Zeni, I *do* have a valid Internet connection — at least according to my ISP, every other app on my PS4, my home computer and last, but not least, the Kindle that I just used to connect wirelessly to the Amazon website.

What's going on, Zeni? This is getting old, and fast. I've rebuilt the database on my PS4, checked the LAN cable, heck, I even had an ISP tech check the physical connection — the cable itself, the splitters and more. All came back nominal, including signal strength.

Again, Zeni, why don't your servers play nice? I can imagine that more than a few folks who experience issues like this are paying customers, including me.
"Wheresoever you go, go with all of your heart."
  • frostz417
    “itZ y3R 1nTeRneT tHatS th3 iSue, gAme rUnS f1N3”
  • ZOS_Bill
    If you've already exhausted the troubleshooting here and still have connection issues, you can open a ticket so customer support can investigate into this further.
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  • Nova Sky
    Nova Sky
    Oh, hey, it started again. And, again, it's only ESO.

    What is going on? Your game works fine for a week or two, then it starts doing the whole "check your internet connection" again. And, again, it's only the ESO app.

    I'm not asking my ISP to redo all the tests they just did two weeks ago or so. For starters, they'll likely charge me this time around and, second, it's not fair to the ISP, which has a stellar track record (yes, I know, you don't hear that often about ISPs, but this one's an exception) when it comes to service and support.

    This issue has popped up more frequently ever since the Dec. 17 update was applied.

    I've been a paying customer since April 2014, and I'd like to keep it that way, please.
    "Wheresoever you go, go with all of your heart."
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