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How eso made my dreams come true.

Not that these dreams aren't achievable, but I was delighted when I realized, that I had my very unpractical dreams come to true while playing eso.

* Own a island to get away from people. Got the grand tropical hideway house. While I have done nothing with it yet! It is my little dream island.

* Own a grand library like bella in beatuy of beast. Mind you I do own a couple hundred books, but I have the psjiic house to make it my own library.

* Own a tree house, not the biggest dream but which kid never wanted one. ( Gorniar estate)

* Own a castle like a queen. Dawnlight Palace

lesser dreams

* Own a workshop to let my mind to things like crazy unrealistic scientists

* Own a zoo, just a place to take care of wild creatures

Acquired dreams

* Design the perfect guild house
* Design a duel arena
* Design a inn
* Own my forest

So yeah for those who say housing isn't practical you might be right, but it lets us do unpractical things and explore and build our fantasies.
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  • Zypheran
    One dream I have for ESO which I am sure will eventually come, is to own a vast armoury where I can display my costumes and weapons
    I'll play the game my way and you play it your way!
  • Megatto
    I wanted my own solitary wizard tower, I got Tel Galen. 100% satisfied
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  • Wildberryjack
    I own a bunch of rooms and houses in the game. I own nothing of the sort IRL nor will I ever no matter how bad I want it. The money IRL just isn't there for that kind of purchase. Renting is the best I'll ever be able to do :/
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