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Request for MAC Assistance From someone who knows the MAC Client and actually cares!

Can anyone at ZeniMax please let the MAC customers know what you are planning to do for the constant crashing problem that has been going on for over a month now with no end in sight. Have you and your programming team given up on the MAC platform? If so there are many other games out there. All we are asking for is an update and assurance that a remedy is coming in the near future. This game is supposed to be enjoyable, it is not enjoyable when the game client crashes every 30 minutes to 2 hours. It is no fun when the game crashes during a winning battlegrounds match, it is no fun when the game crashes in a group dungeon or trial, or in PVP. Every possible scenario is affected by this programming problem. Ignoring the problem only makes it worse. Having MAC support team members saying we should be playing on a windows computer because that is a better platform is insulting.
Will you respond?
  • FierceSam
  • coulterk
  • Rowjoh
    can't believe this game-breaking issue, which has happened before, is happening nearly 5 years after launch :/

    ZoS please let us know what is happening regarding a fix.
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  • agegarton
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  • mackari
    Soul Shriven
    It's incredible, really incredible that there is totally NO ACTION about this problem.
    I'm a paying customer and now the MAC client is definitely crap.
    It crashes every 30-40 minutes.
    They continue to ask for dump, reports, but I cannot believe that they are not able to replicate the problem simply playing or standing still in a zone.
    I'm totally disappointed and, like me, the entire mac community.
    Please solve this problem and solve it soon.
  • Seedier
  • Puodas
  • Callah
    No Update Again

  • Kaytlin
    before they do the twitch tv to announce the latest expansion perhaps they might wish to fix the current client!
  • Delsskia
    That would require them to (A) give a *** and (B) know what the hell they're doing.
    Edited by Delsskia on January 8, 2019 2:49AM
  • Kaytlin
    Honestly at this point I am about to look into filing a class action lawsuit against ZeniMax for false advertising, failure to respond to customer inquiries, etc.
    Most Mac users are using equipment that meets ZeniMax's minimum system requirements and by not addressing this problem I am sure there are multiple state and federal statutes that are being violated. In fact, the Implied Warrant of Merchantability may apply, even though Software developers try to slip exceptions into the "read me files" associated with software.
    Perhaps it would be a good test in the court system who knows.
    Certainly a user has the right to expect the software to work as advertised especially if the computer system meets all of the developers minimum standards. We are not talking about a minor problem or bug, but a major failure of the software to meet minimum acceptable playability standards.
    Surely someone at Zenimax would like to address customer concerns.
  • FierceSam
    as previously stated, my guess is that their “big announcement” is going to be dumping the Mac community.

    On the plus side, the Twitch stream will have an open chat for Mac users to contribute to. Maybe there will be some kind of dialogue, who knows.

  • ZOS_BillE
    We are closing this thread as there is already an ongoing thread here regarding the random crashing issues. Updates have been posted within the thread above about this issue.
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