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LF: vBRP tips and tricks (for console)


I am looking for any insight/tips/tricks for vBRP on console. Obviously PC has add-ons that help annotate every single priority target for every wave and which cardinal direction they are going to spawn at, but for console....short of memorizing every single spawn point, does anyone have any insight? My progression group has gotten to Round 4 final bosses, but it took us about 6 hours and we were all pretty mentally wiped so we're restarting this weekend. The 2nd round boss was a pain in the ass. The 3rd boss was difficult, but that was usually self-inflicted by our group as we'd unintentionally roll into the portals and spawn more enemies. By the time we got to the 4th round we were pretty drained, but the final bosses seemed to be on par with how hard Round 2 was.

We're using 1 DK tank, 1 templar healer, and 2 StamBlades. Most of us have completed a majority, if not all, of vet DLC dungeons/trials so we're pretty experienced, but vBRP just seems to be a beast of its own. None of us play on PC so no PTS runs, and this was our first time in the trial. We did watch some videos and read guides, but they were all based on PC players and every one was using the add-on to help in the arena.

Again, any tips would be appreciated. Or if anyone knows of console players that have put out guides/videos that would be helpful, too.

  • BuddyAces
    Having a god like tank who can pull everything in while memorizing spawns goes a long way. Best of luck bud.
    They nerfed magsorcs so hard stamsorcs felt it,lol - Somber97866
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