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ESO+ Chest limit after free eso+ period is over

Got a question on housing.
1. I buy a large house with limit 4 storage chests
2. During free ESO+ limit doubles to 8 chests.
3. I put in another 4 chests.
4. Free ESO+ ends

Can I still store/withdraw stuffs from those 4 chests that are over limit?
Google results only shows discussions that say chests cannot be moved within the house.
Well, I have no intention of moving. Just wanna know whether I can bypass the 4 chest limit and access all 8 chest contents.
  • Nestor
    Community Ambassador
    More than likely, you will not be able to add to the last 4 chests you placed. However, ZOS has never blocked you from withdrawing from storage like banks or craft bag after ESO Plus.
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  • driosketch
    Did they change how storage chests are counted? I thought they counted against the trophy slots, and a large house should still have 20 of those slots.
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  • Colecovision
    Actually you can move them as long as you don't completely put it away. Sometimes after a patch a crafting station won't work and will need to be adjusted. Not a problem.

    Specific to your question, once placed, all the chests function until being put away regardless of plus status.
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