Chirane Manor, Northpoint Rivenspire.

So, there's this house in Rivenspire, in the city of Northpoint. It's called Chirane Manor.

I'm posting to say THIS is a house I'd love to see. I mean, all the other Breton houses are awkwardly laid out. The one in Fell Run, Ravenhurst, is nice enough and has a nice little yard, but the interior is just one big room with no divisions of any kind. The upstairs is little more than a loft. The other Breton House is the manor in Wayrest, Gardiner House, is much the same. The yard is kind of small, but the upstairs is a little better... but it's still just one giant room, like the downstairs.

In Chirane Manor, you go inside to a ground floor that's adequately sized for guests and living in. There is a trapdoor at the back under the stairs, suggesting a basement, but we can't go down. Upstairs is divided by a wall, into a bedroom and a living area. I like that the bedroom is separated from the rest of the upstairs. Indeed, the size and layout of this house is nearly perfect. I'd love to see it adapted into a nice house for us to purchase, with a few additional features.

First, a basement. It can be one big room, that isn't an issue with basements.
Second, it would be nice if the house could have a balcony of some kind, but that's not required. Even better if the balcony leads out into the REAL world of the game (like Grymharth's Woe), not just the empty instance of the house.
Third, a nice yard. It doesn't have to be huge, but something nice like the one Ravenhurst has would be fine.
Fourth, it should be in a good place, not somewhere ugly and hard to get to. There's a lot of otherwise nice houses in the game that are poorly located. My thinking is somewhere nice, like Evermore.
Fifth, it should not have a wall or other barrier that blocks the view. There are several houses with this problem, like Autumn's Gate (which has a wall that blocks ALL of the view) or Old Mistveil Manor, which has a wall AND trees blocking the view.

I don't know what we would pay for this, but I'm thinking it should be something like the Ravenhurst house, or the Ald Velothi Harbour House.

Just putting it out there.
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  • Hymzir
    Pretty much all houses are just recycled base game buildings, except few of the limited crowns only manors(and many of them are also just recycled structures.)

    The Chirane Manor you noted, is just the basic Breton small townhouse - there are several of them in the game.

    The wall separating the sleeping area in the upstairs is a modular wall - again a base game asset used to make some of the copies of this structure tad bit different from each other.

    Lot of us have asked, for a long time now, for the ability to build our own placeable walls. At least the breton style and the altmer style has tons of them in the game. But none are available for purchase or construction.

    You can see a lot of the different modular interior structures, available in the breton tile set, by visiting the various inns in the Daggerfall cities. They all use the exact same structure, and there are many of them scattered about the map. The only differences between them are whether the attic is accessible, is the basement access boarded over or not, and what sort of interior layout has been constructed with the help of the modular walls and doorways.

    The various buyable breton houses could easily be turned into multi-room affairs, if we had access to these modular walls. But for whatever reason, ZOS does not to provide access to those within the homestead framework.
  • Malborn66
    Gardner House is better than you make out, it has an upstairs big room a ground floor big room, a decent Basement and a garden with a mini-stable.

    I think that you are failing to reflect all the advantages of this place.
    This includes a master-writ/writ drop-off just outside the back gate and a Wayshrine a short ride beyond.
    Also walking out the front door is a short stroll from Wayrest Bank.

    I have a full set of Crafting Stations in the Basement.

  • Morgha_Kul
    Gardiner House is in a great location, and the wall is low enough that you can see the buildings around yours, making it FEEL like it's actually in the town. But, as I say, the layout is awkward.

    For example, suppose I put the bedroom upstairs. There's no WALLS up there (or downstairs, or in the basement), so there's no sense of privacy. No sense of having a bedROOM, if you see what I mean.

    Now, if there were wall sections I could buy and put in, that might remedy this, but as it is, all I can do is put little screens in the way, and that just doesn't satisfy me.
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  • Nebthet78
    The Ravenhurst house is decent too. While it is basically a lost upstairs when you buy it, there is large floor planking that allows you to actually make floor boards to expand the usuable area upstairs to make 3 seperate bedrooms and a sitting area if you want. You do need to get creative in how you close off the look of each bedroom section with curtains, but it still looks decent. Each bedroom has enough room for either two single beds and nightstands or a large full bed and dressers. I made the one area my secondary crafting section.
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