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[King's Legion] looking for more Assassins and Thieves.

Soul Shriven
King's Legion is looking for more assassins and thieves interested in the daily sacrament and heists.
We are very fortunate to have recently partnered with a trade guild that will allow you a place to sell your motifs from your heists, and with there being many members of the guild you can have several jobs "shared" with you to stack these up quick.

The guild has no strict rules and no real requirements beyond showing up to jobs when you're able or feel like it.
So if your main focus or passion is for assassination or thievery/legerdemain then consider messaging or mailing me in-game for an invite (discord required).

Link to my book "The Rogues Mentor". A 5500+ word book on how to be the best Thief/Assassin you can be.
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