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PVP Mag sorc builds!HELP

Soul Shriven
Hello! I play 2 years only with MagNB, and now want to try magsorc, but i never use this class.
give me pls some variations for sets i can use in PVP! i have all basic mag sets, VMSA wep and vDSA wep.
  • Checkmath
    Hey mate, I just saw your post. I recommend asking again in the PvP combat and skills section, where much more people will read your post and its more likely to get answers.
  • ezio45
    your pretty much locked into heavy shackle and impreg, masters lighting staff

    alcast has a good build too
  • chris25602
    I run in cyro as a mag sorc regularly. I dont have a meta build and dont really care. I run bsw and war maiden and I am constantly switching up monster sets right now I am between molag Kena and slimecraw. No you cant take on the world with this gear but if you have even 2 other players willing to be the frontline tanks you can do some serious bone crushing.

    superstar overview:
  • Freakin_Hytte
    I have one for cyrodiil.
    I use master Destro on front, with lich Resto on back. For sets I use shacklebreaker light on body with 1 Domihaus and 1 Iceheart (both heavy) and 5 impreg, 2 infused with 2 tri stat on the infused pieces the rest max mana. Lich on back bar Resto and jewelry, swift as traits on jewelry and spell dmg on enchantment, on weapons I use infused on back bar with spell dmg as enchant. Flame glyph on front with infused, nirnhoned or sharpened (depends what you like). It's squishy as hell, but I'm very fast and hard to catch and it packs quite a punch. But it's not a lazy person sorc, fun as hell though.
  • Killer1712
    I have a build and gameplay vid for you, maybe it will help. Magsorc was and will be forever my fav class, i play it for about 2 years (90% pvp).

    Build is in german, but i run:

    Master destro with shock or mag absorb glyph (its about your playstyle, if you like more sustain , go for absorb glyph)
    Lich destro with weapon dmg glyph
    Mighty chudan monster set - head heavy, med shoulder
    Amberplasm body, all impen just 2 pieces infused (max mag)
    Lich jewerly - all wpn dmg.

    Fully buffed, i have 3.7 weapon dmg, 3.8 mag reg, 40k max mag, 24-25k health, 15k stam, 1.3k stam reg, about 20k resistance and 2.6-2.7k crit resistance.

    For cp tree and gameplay, just check the clip m8 👍

    Edited by Killer1712 on January 1, 2019 11:49PM
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