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Enchanting crafted items

I have only been able to enchant my CP160 crafted Legendary gear with white glyphs even though I have higher quality glyphs in my inventory. As I look at some other people's builds on external websites they show the same gear with enchantment numbers that would reflect Legendary glyphs. As an example my Cuirass of Julianos has a maximum magicka enchantment of 585 (white) but I see multiple entries on the build websites with 868 (gold). If I enchant a dropped piece of gear I can enchant it with any level of glyph I have in my inventory. Do I need to do something else to be able to use high level glyphs on crafted gear or are the websites showing impossible combinations?
  • driosketch
    That's a weird bug. The only thing I can think of might be a mismatch in the level of the gear with the level of the glyph. Like you're certain the cuirass isn't 150 by chance?
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  • Taleof2Cities
    High level gold glyphs can either be crafted (assuming you have your enchanting craft fully unlocked) ... or can be bought at most guild stores.

    If that’s not the issue (and you have gold glyphs already), a screenshot would enable forum-goers to help you, @Alinhbo_Tyaka.

    The most common mistakes players make are mismatched CP150 glyphs and CP160 gear or vice versa ... or trying to apply weapon/jewelry glyphs to armor (or vice versa).

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  • lientier
    There is a difference between Truly legendary glyphs.. and legendary glyphs.. the first are 160cp, the second 150cp
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  • Alinhbo_Tyaka
    Doh. As I was looking at the Julainos set I had made all were CP160 except the cuirass which was the only piece I tried to enchant. Sometimes it takes coming back another day to see what you should have the day before. Once I made a CP160 cuirass the gold enchant worked the way it should. Thanks for the replies.
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