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Council of Elders PVE guild with active Discord --- Looking for new members!

Council Of Elders

The Council Of Elders is looking for new and active Members. We are mostly a PVE guild (also running a core group for endgame content), but we also do some PVP. This guild has a nice mix of players from all over Europe. At this moment we dont have a guild master, but a group of veteran players is running the guild.

We are running normal and veteran trials, arena's and dungeons, a bit of PVP and are planning to host other guild events in the future. Keep an eye on our Discord for these events!

Members will never be required to complete a DPS test to join events (except if you want to join the core group), for group content you have to have a rank that matches the content which you get by working with us from the bottom, once we feel you can handle the next level of group content, we will promote you. Anyone who wants assistance or advise with builds for group content will be fully supported. Guild Ranks are:
Adventurer - Everyone starts here
Vet Adventurer - Solo style adventurers who have been active and are valued members of the community
Dungeon Delver - Members who have showed an interest in group content and are working on Normal Dungeon achievements
Vet Dungeoneer - Members who have shown an aptitude for group content and are working on Vet Dungeon achievements.
Warlord - Members who have specialised characters and are working on Normal Trials achievements.
Vet Warlord - Members who have showed good group content knowledge and are working on Vet Trials achievements
Master At Arms - Members who excel at specialised group roles and are assigned as Officers in their best field like Tank or Mag DPS
Master Crafter - A high level and trusted member of the community who has achieved this rank through helping fellow adventurers and the community
The Banker - This member keeps control of guild bank (Me!).

Short story about me and my experience with this guild. I am The Banker of this guild and started to play this game over a year ago. It was my first MMORPG and i didnt have a cleu what i was doing :D . But thanks to this guild and all his helpfull members i am now almost at max level (around CP 770), i have my gear sorted out for most of my characters (PVE and PVP), and cleared out most of the normal and veteran group content.

Our one Golden Rule is no racism and abuse of your fellow guild members. You will get warned only once!

If your intrested in joining us, you can either message me on this forum or on my PSN account: Cooscorrado.

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  • ojt789
    Soul Shriven
    Could I get an invite please.

    PSN: ojt987
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